Natural Childbirth Education of Omaha

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes


Hello and welcome to the home page for the Association of Omaha Area Natural Childbirth Instructors.

We teach classes that are based in the principles founded by Dr. Robert Bradley. Dr. Bradley believed that the focus during pregnancy and birth process is on a state of wellness: that it is centered in the interconnected nature of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. Our curriculum covers everything you need to be well prepared for your birth.

One of the major focused of our classes and support is on total wellness to avoid unnecessary intervention. Each of our classes includes prenatal nutrition, communications activities, childbirth information and hands on relaxation techniques. We value the birth experience and want to work with you to make this into one of the greatest days of your life. Our greatest goal however is a healthy mom and healthy baby and we will give you plenty of tools to help reach this goal.

Through the weeks of class, you will form a strong community with the other expectant parents as you embark on this journey together. We have fun sharing laughter and playing games while we prepare for your baby's birthday. 

It should however be said that this is not your average childbirth class. One of the most common sentiments we hear from couples at the conclusion of our months together is, "I can't believe it's already over!"

Please contact us today if we can answer any questions for you.