Natural Childbirth Education of Omaha

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes

Course Curriculum

Each series of classes is ten weeks in duration. Below is a summary of the major topics. All classes are video enriched, interactive and fun!

 Each and every week of class includes:

  • relaxation techniques
  • prenatal nutrition
  • hands-on practice for the partner
  • community building amongst the families

Throughout the weeks we will cover nearly all topics related to pregnancy and birth, including:

  • staying healthy and low-risk
  • benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  • specific pregnancy exercises
  • pregnancy anatomy
  • birthing myths vs. birthing secrets
  • releasing fears
  • stages of labor
  • effective positions for labor
  • working with your body
  • creating a serene environment in labor
  • positive communications with your birth team
  • working with a doula
  • choosing your birth team and birth place
  • normal variations in labor
  • interventions and their alternatives
  • handling unexpected situations (such as cesarean birth)
  • breastfeeding successfully
  • common newborn procedures
  • making the most out of your postpartum experience
  • and a whole lot more

Once everyone has had their babies, we have a reunion party to celebrate and meet all the little ones. One of the greatest joys of the class is watching the moms-groups and playgroups that develop out of the relationships built during our weeks together!